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PLG Made Simple.

User Centric
Product Led Sales

If your product could sell itself,
would you let it?

  Companies I've Helped:  

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Drew Teller, Director of Growth @ Labelbox

“Yaakov is one of my favorite PLG advisors and leaders to work with. Over the years, he has consistently developed extensive and meaningful frameworks around onboarding & activation. During our time working together, he advised the growth team from near-zero activation tactics to a fully scaled onboarding & activation journey. The reason why I continue to partner with Yaakov is his dedication to PLG, integrity in providing value to his clients, and his approach to working with people!”

Everyone's telling you to go PLG,
but nobody's showing you how.

I help simplify complex growth strategies and frameworks, transforming theory into an actionable roadmap that will help your company unlock Product Led Growth. 

Defining End-User Success

Lower your product's time to value by identifying your users' pain points and goals.

Growth Strategy Team Alignment

Ensure all stakeholders are on the same page and understand their unique role and contribution towards your PLG strategy.

Boosted Engagement & Retention

Create irresistible user experiences and engagement sequences for long-term loyalty.

Winning Self-Serve Engine

Equip your product with everything needed to get users to value quickly and sell itself.

Optimized Free-to-Paid Conversions

Optimize your product's activation and build your PQL scoring models to maximize your self-serve pipeline.

Scalable Revenue Models

Transform revenue potential from your self-serve funnel into sustainable profitability

I can help you build a product-led growth strategy that will unlock the full potential of your SaaS product and position your company for scalable growth and profitability. 

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