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Who is responsible for PLG?

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Many companies have asked me "So who is actually responsible for PLG?"

My answer is simple.

It's sales.

And marketing.

Oh, and customer success.

Well yes, and obviously product.

(Engineering too 🤫)

Let’s get this clear.

❌ PLG is NOT a product thing.

✅ It's a company thing.

PLG is a company thing

Every department needs to be aligned.

They need to understand their specific role and how they contribute towards building a product that users love and more importantly need.

Poor team alignment will destroy your product-led growth engine.

The interactions that sales has with customers is critical information for the product team to understand what users actually need.

Customer success feedback needs to affect the next marketing campaign.

Product’s analysis of feature usage and user journeys must be public company information that every department has access to, and it should affect their decision making.

These are just some examples but you get the point.

Every team NEEDS to collaborate so that they can 👇

→ Work toward’s the same goal - increasing value.

→ Build a product that meets the changing needs of their users.

→ Create powerful feedback loops that fuel the company’s decisions.

→ Co-ordinate resources accordingly so that everyone can work on their own areas without getting in the way of others.

Whether you’re looking to become product-led this year or you want to scale your existing PLG model - Set your team up for success by making sure each department understands their unique responsibility. Look for ways to create feedback loops internally and externally, and build the foundation to help them work together.

Collaboration is key.


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