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After starting my tech career as a first sales hire for two early stage fast growing startups, I transitioned into the world of product and found my passion in PLG. 

I began putting what I knew into systems and frameworks, sharing my learnings online, and after a few viral posts I found myself giving team workshops to leading SaaS companies around the world. I realized this was a serious pain point and I decided to go all in.


Now, I'm leading Valubyl and advising founders and growth teams around the world on how to unlock their growth potential by putting their product's value first.

Yaakov Carno


Everything you need to build, execute, and scale your PLG strategy

360° SaaS Onboarding Audit

Optimize your onboarding flow with a personalized audit that provides actionable insights to get your users to experience value and upgrade, quicker. 

Growth Advisory

Fully customized 1:1 advising packages to help you boost your product-led growth efforts and

self-serve revenue.

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